Tuesday, 20 July 2010



What's life without challenges? And what's life without unhappiness and sadness? But what a life if without His Rahmah and His Grace.

Here are the pictures that have made my days, my word, Germany is the most efficient team. The comment from a fan during the Germany vs. Australia match -From Lee, Sheffield: "Germans making it look so, so easy. Why couldn't England do this? They'll murder us in the second round."

And the BBC pundits' commentary for the match between Germany and Argentina:

76 mins Commentary -
I spent half of yesterday reeling. I need to find a new word for this sensation, because it's happening too often at the moment. This
World Cup. This South African World Cup. What are you doing to us? (My comment - He was devastated because Holland won over Brazil yesterday)

83 mins
Commentary -
This isn't just a beating, it's a destruction - and the destroyer-in-chief is Bastian Schweinsteiger. On this performance, you'd be hard pressed to find a more influential footballer in the world, he's been absolutely magnificent.

90 mins
We'll have one minute of added time. The officials clearly do not want to prolong Argentina's misery.

16:48 FULL-TIME Argentina 0-4 Germany
That is one of the most stunningly one-sided World Cup quarter-finals you could ever imagine seeing.

16:51 Commentary -
Don't cry for me, Argentina. Maxi Rodriguez and some of his team-mates are in tears and as always, it's hard to watch. But Germany - where have you come from? This team, it's just outrageous.

:) I know, my analysis may rest in peace.