Saturday, 2 April 2011


Bismillahhir-Rahman nir-Rahim.

I was studying (I swear I was studying) when my laptop suddenly became so slow, and the ADOBE READER sent a message stated that it couldn’t functioning properly and had to shut down. Man, I was freaked out and closed all the applications and started to scan my laptop.

I’m a computer illiterate.

Well, it gives me time to write though. The computer crash seems like a blessing instead of a disaster. I hope I will be able to look at everything as a miracle, rather than a tragedy. You should try it too; it will make huge impacts in your life.

Hedonism. It means pleasure-seeking, self-indulgence, profligacy. Big words aii? Big words always scare me. For those who are interested in further pleasure reading can pay a visit to

A friend is doing hedonism as his dissertation topic. If I’m not mistaken, he’s trying to argue that hedonism is also good if it applies to the higher-level pleasures such as honour, love and friendship.

Kak, do you remember that this is the concept that you introduced to me years ago? It seems that most Malaysians are hedonists, regardless of their ages and genders. And the facts that they are low-level hedonists are maddening, and it saddens me. How many times that you heard news with regard to rapes, bohsia, bohjan, gay, lesbians, obesity, alcoholics, group-sex, wild concerts, nudism, prostitution and drugs?

Nauseating. Sickening.

It seems to me that they use the hedonism concept as an excuse for all the pleasure-seeking activities; they believe all the actions taken should be directed toward achieving the greatest amount of happiness.

I envy you, happiness, everyone is chasing you. Hard.

Owh, go and get happy.


Ermayum said...

malaysian are hedonists :) betul i think :) hobi membunuh dan bunuh diri termasuk tak :)

sad kan :(

Nur said...


Malaysians, like many races in other advance countries, have gone crazy in term of akhlak.

It's beyond sad Erm, it's mortification.