Saturday, 19 March 2011


I have enough of moon gazing last night, thus I feel that I am entitled to take a break from this gazing business. It was beautiful last night, as usual, the colour is real white, with the orange ring around it. And after Subuh, the colour had changed into yellow cheese, surprisingly, with no ring to accompany her.

But tonight, inspired by a fellow blogger who wished to become her own knight shining armour, I pick my abaya and shawl (I already hang my scarf and jeans), put my winter jacket, take the keys and voila, off I am to the adventure of finding the full moon. I couldn't see it through my window, and the best option is to go out.

There it is, pale due to the heavy clouds guarding it like a protective mother. True, its size doesn't change much from last night, at least through my perceptible eyes. I couldn't stay long, as the Wind Lady dances madly and brings the shivering cold with her.

So long, my moony moon.

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