Sunday, 2 December 2012


I love Leicester. If I know this city is really nice, with muslims everywhere, as well as the halal shops, I will move and stay in Leicester. You can see the mosque in every corner. Yah, even though it doesn’t feel like you are in the UK, but what the heck, you are still in the foreign land.
Let’s the stories begin!

The city is big of course. It’s not that clean, but the shops are bigger and better than in Durham.

I love market, be it in Salzburg, Istanbul or Leicester. Who doesn’t though? Here is Min, my host, with her daughter.

Here is the little garden in front of the Leicester Information Centre. So many pigeons that are waiting to be fed.

Having a late lunch with Lily Tay. Still single and available. If you guys are interested, PM me k. (Owh she did ask me to find someone).

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