Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Assalamualaikum wbk,

Bismillah hirRahman nirRahiim,

Was studying, am studying and will be forever studying, insyaAllah.

Yesterday, I saw a coffin in a limousine, indicating a death of an elder. My hostel is situated directly in front of a old folk home. Shivering, I couldn't contain my sadness for a while. Sad for inexplicable reason and afraid for my own death. Death is inevitable, said my SV. So do tax and sunshines.

In reading some articles regarding to the public role, I have came across Iberian Peninsula, where Islam has been predominated since early 8th century. Where is it? It turns out that it's near to Gibraltar. A place where I visit last two years with my parents. The self-proclaimed best fish and chips. The shopping trips. And the cheeky monkeys. I should never live in the past, really. And you, enjoy your Spain trip!

Is drinking coffee bad for your health? I've bought the coffee, Douwe Egberts, own by Dutch, and start drinking it with milk. Not my cup of tea, usually I don't abuse my body with putting in more sugar and caffeine. I don't drink juices as well, I should take advantage of the cheaper juices here. I've read somewhere that the best coffee is Kopi Luwak, the most expensive and tastiest, and it's originated from Indonesia! And here I am, drinking coffee from the Netherlands. Disgusting.

My room is situated directly facing the sun. We have an extremely good weather nowadays, warmer and more sunshines. But as the British sky is quite empty of the clouds, the sun shines harshly sometimes, burning my face. I'm already a dark-skinned lady, I'm afraid that I'll become unrecognizable at the end of my study. Sigh.


Chai Tea said...

beb, ko xgelap

Hikari-san said...

1- Time flies so fast, the elders that i used to know passed away and we're replacing their place aka we're getting old.. mmmm..

3- U've found the Douwe.. Saya kena pegi cari la kopi Luwak so boleh compare! haha padan la starbug pun guna kopi dari indonesia..:)

4- haah, itu bukan gelap.. ur skin is golden tanned haha.. people's favourite colour ok - espc to the 'orang putih' hehe

Nur said...


And you are beautiful! :)

Nur said...


1 - Yah, I feel so old already. Couldn't believe it that it's 2011 already. And the Euro 2012 is next year! Yeee!!

2 - Yes,

this is the link that makes me crazily run to tesco and buy that coffee, and pray that I'll be able to drink the Kopi Luwak. Owh coffee.

4 - hahahah, and you are beautiful too! You know, sometimes I am wondering, why my friends are the beautiful ones? Speaking about golden tanned, I am thinking about the roast potatoes, golden roast potatoes, yummy.

tepianmuara said...

kopi luwak?

teringat the bucket list.
err..kalau tak salah saya lah.

Nur said...


Heard that you are going to Italy, both of the above commentators have been there too, owh, jealous.

The Bucket List? I've downloaded it but it seems that I do not have the desire to see it. But if there is the Kopi Luwak in the film, wah, I must see it.

tepianmuara said...

Kak Nur, do you know i'm going to Italy?

funny eh? if you have a look at the map, we are from jordan, transit in Egypt, to Spain, we fly over Italy, then, will go to Italy, then back to Spain, then back to jordan, again over Italy!!

And that, as it always be, happen for a reason. err, at least. if not reasons.

oh, they have gone to Italy?

some advice pleaseeeeeeeee...

add me if you may, whitefin_91

hmm. hmm. hmm.
that too with a full weight of please attached.

Nur said...

Tepian Muara,

How do I know? I read your sistes's blog too..Awoohh she cute little thingy. I bet her gloves feel so glad they have been to many places.

Your comment makes me google where Italy, Spain and Jordan are in the map. You'll go back to Spain? Why is that?

Yes, they have been there, I haven't, and seeing from their albums, Italy is really gorgeous.

*confuse, sorry* Do you ask me , or my friends to add you for the advice then?

tepianmuara said...



The initial plan was to go to Morocco, which is close geographically and historically.
It turned out that we have problems to get visa.

UK, Portugal, Italy was in immediate plan B. We vote for Italy. By then, tiket pergi balik Spain dah dibeli. haha.

Oh, my fault.
Your friends.
( but the idea for another answer suits me well too, if not today, and again, if you may. )

Hikari-san said...

Tips ke Italy? Mari share bersama-sama..
1)Places I would suggest – Rome(Roma), Vanice(venezia), Florence(Firenze),Pisa & Pompei (tourist attractions)if you have time, All are accessible by train + bus.

2)jika mahu makan maggee, sila bawa travel kettle bersama2 kerana majority budget hotel di sana tidak menyediakan air panas. 3 tempat sahaja saya pernah jumpa kedai kebab halal di rome, Florence dan Vanice (exact location sudah tidak ingat la, was 2 years ago)

3)Agak sukar mahu berjumpa orang yang boleh berkomunikasi dalam English lebih2 dalam keadaan terdesak mahu bertanya arah.. boleh bawa buku komunikasi ringkas n be prepared untuk berkomunikasi dalam bahasa ayam dan itik hehe..

4)Jika membeli tiket di mana2 train di italy, sila stamp tiket anda di satu kotak kecil di dalam stesen sebelum menaiki train supaya anda tidak di denda.

-good luck n enjoy ur trip!

tepianmuara said...

trimas.. err, Kak Phantom Blogger.

1. memang itulah destinasinya. kami, insyaAllah, akan meluangkan 8 hari kat Italy. Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice destinasi wajib. Tapi saya pening nak pilih antara San Gimignano, Amalfi Coast, atau Pompei.

Oh, kami sampai di Milan Malpensa, Ferno dan akan 'pulang' ke Spain dari Rome.

Your suggestion?

2. Travel kettle? err, kami kat Spain sekarang ni takde gak, tapi pakat pakai air paip panas untuk mandi je. hah.

3. aha, yup..yup. sine language penting. macam main 'regu' je. Kadang, kalau bosan, saya guna full bahasa melayu je, sambil main tunjuk2, buat2 gaya. tapi terhad la. hasilnya sama je, tak mengecewakan. harap boleh praktikkan kat Italy. kat spain ni, kami beruntung sebab masih ramai yang boleh cakap arab.

4. Stamp. oh. Perkhidmatan bas kat sana ok tak? Sebab ingatkan nak jimat sikit.

Terima kasih meluangkan masa. Jazakallah khairal jazak.

( Kak Nur, I think this is the 2nd time I've got 'rellyssh' as word verification while commenting here. Love the way it sounds. Relish the moments! )

Nur said...

Tepian Muara,

'rellyssh'? Must be a good augury then, ameen.

My opinion is, if it were me, I'll choose Pompei, because according to Amalina, the corpses are still preserve, like they don't even know that the volcano will be erupted. And if I'm not mistaken, Pompei is where Kaum Lut resided. May refer to Harun Yahya book then.

Are you worried? Please don't be. Let's Allah take care of everything for you guys eh.

Nur said...


Thanks for the tips, may use it if I ever step on the Italian soil, which the probability is close to nil.

I heard form friends that the Europeans are very partial to the English language, which mean they do not tolerate people who speak English. They tend to walk away when a tourist speaks English. This had happened to me when I visited Spain and Germany.

Ironic, as we are taught that English the most important language in business and economics. I wish that we are more like them, preserving Malay language as our foremost language.

Hikari-san said...

Kalo tak silap memang takde bus service untuk journey yang jauh2 cnth rome to florence/pisa kecuali perkhidmatan bus dalam bandar contohnya dari pisa train station kena naik bus lagi untuk ke pisa tower - depa memang bergantung sepenuhnya pada train (tapi mungkin dah ada sekarang tak pasti..)

-yup,saya juga vote pompeii sebab tuscany-san gg (architecture yg sama di mana2 di italy) dan coastal area anda akan jumpa di vanice, but pompeii will be more historical n probably a little bit differnt)

-It's going to be tough since ur journey end @ rome, kena simpan energy la kot nak tour rome- in one day? (becoz rome banyak kena berjalan kaki pusing satu town dan nak melawat2 coleseum/vatican sume tu) - biasa last day dah berkurang spirit dah ingat nak balik je huhu..

-saya ada masalah nak keluarkan duit tru atm di italy/rome (tourist from UK kadang2 ada masalah ni), Italy kurang international bank but in spain takde masalah...

hope these will help :)

Hikari-san said...

Fakhzan, no prob huhu..

Saya penat merentas italy... eceh because pernah berfieldwork di northern italy along the appennines, coastal area di isola de elba, tuscany and few places and i survived with breads and cheese for nearly two weeks - sebab area tu kawasan pendalaman susah nak dapat makanan lain (fish/seafood) and orang italiano memang ramai tak boleh cakap english berbanding holland, belgium sume tu..

Kawan english saya kata orang italy ni 'pmalas' berbanding euro countries lain sebab kami selalu dapat breakfast biskut kering + teh/coffee jee untuk survive hiking sampai tengahari huhu... Supermarket depa buka lambat dan tutup waktu lunch dan juga tutup awal before 5pm boleh??..

haha- mungkin tak akan melawat italy lagi..

Nur said...


Yeah, when you were there for the purpose of fieldwork, it's quickly sapping your energy aii.

Kesiannyer makan cheese and breads jer, wah kalau saya, sure pening-pening lalat tak dapat makan nasi.

Seriously tutup awal? Wah, siap tutup waktu lunch? No wonder their GDP is real low, low labour productivity rupanya. Maybe they simply do not have the drive to improve their economy. If they have less immigrants, lagi tak berapa maju negara depe, hahaha, generalizations.

Saya suka dengan word Tuscany. Macam best gitu. Tapi dah kalau sama jer dengan UK punya lanscape, bak kata awak dan kawan saya lagi sorang, malas le nak g Italy.