Monday, 8 August 2011


Kekuasaan Allah swt itu Maha Besar.

I'm sad, really sad. But I have to believe, this is the best plan for me. InsyaAllah.

Take care, all.


Hikari-san said...

Yes it is. insha'Allah
Can't wait to see you,..
full focus on the viva, will ya..:)
and then let's enjoy the rest of ramadhan in msd?


Nur said...


Yah, still sad, but I need to face all the fate. This truly manifests Allah's Power.

Hope to see you. Sha hasn't reply my sms, can you pujuk2 her...hahahha...otherwise, maybe I stay in MSD for few days!

Thanks for the moral support, please pray for me.

Hope everything goes well with your writing. InsyaAllah.

Hikari-san said...

Insha'Allah i did, always..
lets pray together..

i have replied to you, :D, i'll be seeing sha if she's around.. she mentioned about going to msd.. will let you know later

selamat berbuka.. ;)

Firdaus said...

he works in mysterious ways. InsyaAllah ada hikmahnya.

Nur said...

Salam Huda,

Was really relieved when we talked just now. Glad that you are happy. I suspect that you are really happy to stay in the buzz London world! Heheh.

Well, if Allah will, we will meet again, insyaAllah. I'm deeply sorry for everything that has occurred. I could never possibly imagine that you are prevented to come down. Such an amazing fate.

Selamat berbuka, I also want the positive vibe! *jealous mode*

Nur said...



1st, Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak.

2nd, thanks again, yes, He works in a very mysterious way. Indeed.

3rd, hows ur exam? Are you taking master?