Friday, 18 March 2011


Today, is a beautiful day! Even though I plan to do a million things today, the sun is calling out for me and well, you can say that my craving for sweet things has creeped in, and I could not disobey my treacherous heart. You, you!

Though the sun has shone so brightly, behold, the weather is still not warm enough for me to ditch my jacket. Alas. *sigh*. When I see a gentleman who wears only a t-shirt, or a lady who wears a skirt, I know, I know they come from a country that experiences a winter below minus ten degree. It's fair for them to show some skins (not that I want to), but it will be nice to not to wear a jacket once in a while. Well, today I wear a skirt-jacket, which conveys a deep happiness. Who can't? Snowdrops are here, and it means spring is officially here. Daffodils and cherry blossoms haven't really announce their arrivals, but I can wait, as I currently enjoy seeing geraniums and bluebells.

Walking back from the university library towards the town, I heard this hilarious conversations between two femme fatale,

A: I don't know what can make me happy.

B: A sunshine? Look at the sky, it is bright, and sunny, and happy.

And in my little town, which looks like a fairy tale, complete with the exotic castle and flowing river, all are missing are princess and princes, I search for the perfect bread, to be eaten with the perfect cookies. And I have a perfect milk, alhamdulillah.

If I have a bed of dandelions, I swear that I sleep on it, dream of a delicious dream. And looking at the majestic twillight, I wish with all my heart, that you'll be blessed, happy and well.

Have a great weekend ahead.

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