Saturday, 19 February 2011


*the left road*

This is the continuity of the previous entry:

While listening to the song "Where is the Love?", I'm doing my cross-referencing. This task is killing me, but I've vowed that I will never kill myself. Hey, I'm not suicidal, and don't you ever dare to even think about suicide too, ok.

This entry is still about my shampoo. I'm aiming to buy the Green Apple next time when I make my shopping trip. Walking down to Durham City will only take 20 minutes, if I used the left road, but it will take 22 minutes if I used the right way. I normally used the left road, because I think secretly that it is more beautiful than the other way (please don't let the right road know about this, it will hurt its feeling tremendously). I will meet the cemetery and greet the old, cheery house. It has the unused logs, which creates a romantic condition. I always have the urge to stop and talk to the house, don't tell me that house couldn't love you, it could, it can, but it all depends on your arrogance. If you are too proud to even love it, don't expect it to love you back.

Owh, about my shampoo, even though I hate green colour, I always feel guilty for hating it because I know it's Rasulullah saw's favourite colour. The colour of the Green Apple shampoo and conditioner is not attractive enough, but I will just buy it, just because. Because I love rainbows, perhaps I just buy the different colours of shampoo and parade it in my shower room. Owh, it will be so beautiful!

Shower time will be so deliciously enjoyable then.

*cross-referencing, I wish to hang you*


Aishah Nur Hakim said...

reminds me of a poem

"the road not taken"


Nur said...



Yes, that poem crosses my mind when I write this entry. Nice poem aii. :)