Sunday, 19 December 2010


What I remember most about Jordan is its sky. The blue, blue beautiful sky. Smiling mischievously, giving everything. Petra is one of the most amazing things in the world, have you been here, London friend? I was unfortunate because it was closed due to its restoration work.


tepianmuara said...

do come here again, then.


I hadn't noticed the blue sky, until you mentioned it. and it's so true.


Nur said...

InsyaAllah,but Morocco and Syria are on top of my list.

Do come to UK then.

Did you see the sky after you read the post? I bet. :)

tepianmuara said...

i always look up to sky, but never really notice, I guess, until...


Syria is beyond beautiful. Cuma jaga2 sikit dengan pemandu teksi.

Hikari-san said...

I never knew about this place though i spotted some pictures of the reddish sediment layer in Nat Geo mag - pity me..
wow, also known as the red rose city..(nasib baik ada it's a city built up in a sedimentary basin means rich of sandstones - i can imagine the colour that gives live to this city! sooo interesting okey.. Thank to u..

p/s- never been to middle east except saudi..mmm..oohh I need to visit jordan.. hoho

Nur said...

Tepian Muara,

InsyaAllah, thanks for the advise. If you have time, can you repost or tell us again your experience in Syria? The costs, the ups and downs of the trip, for examples? Just a suggestion.

Nur said...

PB @ Huda,

Hahhaha, I'm still having a minor heart attack when I see your name. You are silent for the past few days and it started to make me worry, just I want to buzz you, taraaaaaaaaaaaaa, you have made my days by commenting on the post.


Wow wow google it? I just went and took pictures, never even bother of looking up before the trips. That's why I love to have you as a leader! *ever pemalas traveller*

Red Rose City, the name sound so romantic and glamorous aii? Yes, you need to see this Huda, and study the foundation of the city. SubhanAllah

tepianmuara said...

For you, a thousand times over.

( haha.. lebih2 lak. tapi ayat nih duk berpusing dalam kepala otak dua tiga hari ni. penangan the kite runner )

insyaAllah. bz sikit, but i'll find some time.

Nur said...

Tepian muara,

thanks, just post it when you are free. I know how gruesome it is to face the exam mode, and many other things that demand your attention.

I never read the book, even though it is in front of me, screaming to be read.

But I've watched the film, and I cry a thousand river. I even wrote about it a long time ago, but I've deleted due to personal reasons.

I think I could never watch it again. The sheer agony of watching it is still there, is so deep-rooted in me. Have you watch it? And have you watch Sleepers? That's another outstanding movie which has left me some huge terrifying impacts - up 'till now.

Perhaps I wear my heart on my sleeves. Or perhaps, I'm so thin-skinned.

tepianmuara said...

Just watched the film.
( oh, patutlah kawan kata maya karin ada berlakon dalam ni..rupanya..)

No match for the novel I think.

Just like facing Deathly Hallows, you need hope to continue reading.


Nur said...

Tepian muara,

Yes, that's the comment come from everyone who have read that book. Seriously, I need to force myself to read it. Yeah, one day insyaAllah.

Keep on reading, 'iqra' aiii? That's a lifelong work, I guess. All the best!